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Discursive Psychology sessions: Week beginning 8th April 2013

About the tutor

Dr Sally Wiggins is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology, based in the School of Psychological Science and Health, at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK (Scotland). Her research focuses on examining social and discursive processes through which food, eating and embodiment are enacted, using a discursive psychological approach.  Her particular research focus is on family mealtimes, where she examines the interaction between parents and children as they negotiate food preferences, appetite and rejection or acceptance of food. Dr Wiggins has also been developing the use of problem-based learning within the Psychology programme at Strathclyde, and is supervising a PhD student who is examining the social interaction within PBL tutorials.


About Discursive Psychology

Discursive psychology (DP, for short) is a qualitative approach (and therefore a methodology rather than a method) for understanding talk and text in everyday social interaction. DP is a relativist approach, which rests on the assumption that there is no single truth in the world, and that versions of events are constructed, negotiated and resisted in everyday discourse.


About the sessions

Dr Wiggins will give two sessions on DP: each lasting up to 2 hours in length. Each session will involve presentations of data, lectures on DP and activities for students to engage with this methodology. The first session will focus primarily on the theory and assumptions behind DP; the second will focus on handling data and conducting analysis using DP.